Good Juju


I never post twice in one day, but I felt my night was worthy of immediate attention. Whole Foods boy showed up first, at least ten minutes early. I walked in at 6:33. After we sat down at our table, we talked so much that the waitress stopped asking if we were ready to order. It was half an hour before we opened our menus. Conversation flowed smoothly, minus the few times we both got so nervous we forgot what we were talking about. We did everything right: no talk of politics, exes, religion… I found out he’s 30, has a younger brother and grew up in the area. I also discovered that he had to break our date last week due to his friend breaking up with a fiance. I did say a couple of awkward things, at which he laughed. His phone rang twice while we were at dinner, and both times he rejected the call and apologized profusely. After three hours at dinner, we weren’t ready to say goodnight. We’d been talking about movies all night so we decided to head to my place to watch Silver Linings Playbook. He opened all the doors, drove me to my car and then followed me home. I felt a little uncomfortable that we were at my apartment on our first date, but he didn’t try to put any moves on me. I had been messing with my cuticles all night. I tried to leave them alone, but he was making me crazy nervous. My pinkie finger began to bleed about half-way through the movie, and when I got up to put on a band-aid I had to come clean about my bad habit. His response was to grab my hand and lace his fingers with mine. We talked a bit through the movie, so I’ll probably watch it again to soak in all the dialogue. When the end credits began to roll, he turned to me and we went for each other’s lips at the same time. Just kidding, I’m super awkward about kissing and touching on a first date (and second and third…). He leaned toward me for a kiss and I let it happen. He didn’t touch my boobs, grab my ass or do anything else suggestive of “let’s get naked,” which was fantastic. Around 12:45, I walked him out to his car. We kissed some more and made plans to see each other on Tuesday evening.

I’m trying very hard to not get wrapped up in the chemical swarm happening in my brain, but it’s hard when we really clicked. I’m putting out positive vibes, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.


2 thoughts on “Good Juju

  1. Yay!!! Go ahead and get wrapped up in it! That’s what’s fun about dating. In fact, that might be the only fun thing about dating. It makes all those boring first date conversations worthwhile. I’m glad this is going so well. Keep us posted!

  2. Actually, none of our conversation was boring! It was all interesting and I liked hearing him talk. He told me several times during the date what a good time he was having, and he seemed pretty eager to see me again. I just have that feeling deep down that I’m setting myself up for disappointment again. It’s hard to let go when you’ve felt the sting of rejection for no reason multiple times. Oh well… I’ll update after our date tomorrow!

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