Taking the Shot


The fellow my father so badly wants me to meet called me Wednesday evening. We  He talked for two and a half hours. He’s very funny but every time he asked me a question, I would get a couple of sentences in only to have him interrupt and tell me another story about himself. After his story, he would say “I’m sorry, continue.” Maybe it was nerves, but I doubt this is the man of my dreams. We became Facebook friends and I’m not attracted to this fellow. We’ve casually texted the past few days, but things will most likely end in casual friendship. Thanks, Dad, but I think I’ll do my own recon work from now on.

After years of trying to hide my body from the world, I’m finally comfortable with myself and more often than not go to the store looking like a modern June Cleaver (this has a point, I promise).

Today's shopping attire.

Today’s shopping attire.

Grocery shopping is a bit of a production for me, as I go to three stores before I have everything on my list. I decided to skip Target today and just hit Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. I normally hit both stores on the south side of town, but today I was on a mission to give my brother his birthday present. I decided to visit the Whole Foods closer to home, and it was an interesting decision. I strolled in and was immediately distracted by the fellow dancing in the grain aisle and forgot to look at fruit. I gave him a sideways smirk and went about my business heading for the yogurt. As I stared at the empty shelf of Siggi’s (they only had two spiced pear left, which I bought. Apparently it was on sale or something…), I realized I skipped over the fruit. I turned and wandered back, only to have the dancing fellow ask if I needed help finding something. I told him I forgot to get grapes to which he laughed and made some comment about how important it is to remember the grapes. I giggled and kept walking. I couldn’t tell if he was flirting with me or just being helpful. When I passed him for the third time, he blurted out that he liked my dress. I smiled, said “thank you!” and promptly ran off. As I drove to my brother’s house, I thought “why didn’t I stop and talk to the fellow?” When my dad embarrassingly gave his work friend my phone number, he said to my dad: “Michael Jordan says that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I have found myself thinking about this a lot over the past few days. I went to my brother’s and hung out for a few minutes, stopped by my place to drop off my groceries and decided to head back to Whole Foods… an hour and a half later. I was torn. What if his shift is over? What if he’s in another part of the store? What if I have to walk around like a nerd because I was just there? WHAT IF? My heart racing, I said out loud, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I wrote my first name and my phone number on a piece of my Rainbow Brite grocery list paper, and marched in with a purpose. There he was. Unclogging some nuts from some contraption. I walked right up to him and said “I forgot something else when I was here earlier,” and handed him my slip of paper. He smiled and I said “It’s nice to meet you,” like a goober. He replied, “it’s nice to meet you, Sarah.” I looked at his name-tag: Zach. Well, Zach, maybe you’ll call me and we’ll go out. If I never hear from you, that’s okay too. At least I took the shot.


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